Dolce Azul LLC
915 NW 1st Ave

Our goal is to provide our clients the best boating experience and help to discover new unique destinations.


Experienced staff

Highest standards of excellence

Dolce Azul is fully licensed and insured, and with our experienced staff, you can be assured of a professional job done right. Detailing a boat involves much more than applying and removing wax. Dolce Azul is imperative to maintaining your vessels appearance and value. With the proper care, you can keep your boat or yacht looking new its entire life. Our staff is experienced in detailing all types of marine vessels, from fishing boats to luxury cabin cruisers and motor yachts.

Our Dolce Azul services include:

  • Wash downs
  • Compound Buff, Polish, and Wax
  • Waterproofing Treatment for Canvas
  • Isinglass and Strata Glass Clarification
  • Teak Restoration

Dolce Azul delivers the highest standards of excellence in our boat detailing programs. From 15 foot bow-riders, to 150 foot yachts, we offer the finest marine services in the lowcountry.


Gelcoat management and protection, waxing, detailing, washing, pre-sale boat preparation, winterizing, cleaning, restoration, polishing.

Wash and Wax

A step above your average boat washing. We use a non abrasive wash & wax which prevents stripping any of the boat wax coating protecting your gel coat. We further add a separate ‘quick wax’ spray before drying.

Oxidation Removal and Wax

We rarely use hard, abrasive rubbing compounds — these literally scrape the oxidation off of the gel coat. We use the latest liquid Oxidation Remover that simply washes off oxidation to bring back the shine without any abrasion. This is followed by the application of boat wax — with a professional grade marine wax — providing a long lasting shine. This service truly brings boat detailing to a whole new level.


Only used for heavily oxidized boats, our rubbing compounds can restore heavily sun faded yachts to their original luster. We use a two or three step process to bring your gel coat back.

Stainless Steel Restoration

Bow rails, cleats, T-Top stands — our stainless steel restoration service removes rust and tarnish. Your stainless will shine while being protected against future erosion.

Leather and Vinyl Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all leather and vinyl. Once our vinyl & leather cleaner has brought your upholstery back, our conditioner will ensure they remain supple and protected against the elements.


Restoration, cleaning and conditioning of isinglass improves visibility and gloss — this also prevents hazing and cracking.