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The Bahamas is known as being a vacation-must see island. As the beautiful sugar-fine white sand and blue waters of the beaches serve as the backdrop to countless legendary films, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean to Casino Royale, Bahamas remains a timeless beauty.

Located within the Lucayan Archipelago, this island is along the warm tropical Gulf Stream, giving it a warm climate year round. While this island fails to experience winter, many visitors opt warm Bahamas weather during Christmas and New Year’s, not just the summer months.

If you come to the Bahamas, Nassau is its capital city and a popular cruise-ship stop. Tourists enjoy the city’s beaches for swimming and snorkeling along with their offshore coral reefs and beautiful shores. Sail on a Bahamas cruise and take in the Bahamas breeze as you explore the great island and see its pastel-colored British colonial buildings in the distance.

Once you’re on the island, enjoy the many dishes of the Bahamas. Bahamian cuisine reflects Caribbean, African and European influences. Depending on the time of your travel, you could even witness the best of the island, including its seasonal festivals, such as “Pineapple Fest” or “Crab Fest.”