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Dubrovnik, Croatia is a well-known town in Dalmatia, located almost at the very end of the Croatian territories. The wider area of the town includes Lapad peninsula, where most of Dubrovnik hotels and beaches are located. Gruž is western part of the town where Dubrovnik’s main harbor, bus station and ferry terminals are located.

Driving from the Dubrovnik airport, you will encounter some of the attractions of this great city. The Old Town is located east of Lapad at the bottom of Srd hill. It has a well-preserved cultural and historical heritage and is inscribed on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites.

In addition to its historical heritage, Dubrovnik, Croatia also offers a good holiday experience in terms of sea, sun, nightlife, restaurants and taverns with various specialties of local as well as international cuisine. There are several nice beaches around the town one can enjoy. Most popular and centrally located is Dubrovnik’s Banje Beach. Dubrovnik weather allows for a great swim during the month of August, while the average sea temperature is 77°F (25°C). Also, if you happen to be in Dubrovnik just on a day trip, visit the Old Town is at Buža or/and Porporela, the main Old Town’s pier.