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Pula, Croatia is known for its 1st-century oval amphitheater, overlooking the harbor northeast of the old town. Its huge and truly magnificent structure, slotted together entirely from local lime, is what makes Pula unique. Temple of Augustus is also one of Pula’s famous structures fronted by a high porch supported by six Corinthian columns. This small but perfectly proportioned temple was built sometime between 2 BC and AD 14. Its conversion to a church ensured its survival during throughout various eras.

East of the city, for example, is Valkane beach. If you are in the west of Pula, there are various Pula Croatia beaches, some of which are even connected. Stoja beach, a rocky and pebbly beach, is particularly popular because of its proximity to a holiday resort. There, you can easily rent sports equipment and make the most of the various sports facilities. For the best Pula, Croatia weather, travel during late summer and early autumn after the weather reaches its heat peak in July. If you find yourself in this city, there are many amazing Pula Croatia hotels that provide excellent service, such as Adrion Aparthotel, Park Plaza Histria Pula and Boutique Hotel Valsabbion.