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Trogir, Croatia is a dream destination for tourists looking to explore Croatia’s best. Rich with history, it is full with palaces, towers and churches and even has a fortress on a small island. Many visitors travel from Trogir to Split Croatia, which is approximately 17 miles away. The culture of Trogir, Croatia descends from the ancient Greeks, Romans and Venetians, presenting a modern-day influence on architecture, food and customs.

Out of all of Central Europe, Trogir is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex city with its grand buildings and landmarks. Its medieval, historical core will leave you in awe as you visit the city gate from the 17th century, the Duke’s Palace from the 13th century to the Fortress Kamerlengo from the 15th century.

If you find yourself visiting this majestical city, there are several Trogir Croatia hotels that may be suited for your traveling needs. One of the top Trogir hotels is Hotel Brown Beach House and Spa, which offers a swimming pool with a sun terrace right adjacent to the sea. Other great Trogir Croatia hotels include: XII Century Heritage Hotel, Hotel Bellevue Trogir and Hotel Monika.